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  • Pick the pot – Your looking for somewhere with plenty of sun, and is flat. It can easily be built over lawn, existing gardens or concrete.
  • Make a plan – I suggest that you start out small around 3-4 metres wide by 1 metre deep. You should have easy access to all parts of your bed, so plan a path through or around, its no good having a bed full of vegetables and herbs if you cant reach them to pick.
  • Bedding – You will be straw, compost, blood and bone as well as sawdust and mulch for the paths through the bed.


  • Make your mark – Outline your plan on the ground by string, spray paint, or by marking an outline with the end of your spade.
  • Fertilise – Throw generous amounts of blood and bone, lime over the bed and then water it in. This fertilisation of the lawn may seem silly but it will accelerate the lawn / weeds decomposition. (On concrete or rocks cover with twigs, leaves, and seaweed.)
  • Smother it – Cover your garden bed with several; overlapping newspaper sheets (soak your sheets first so they don’t blow away), this will starve the grass / weeds of light.


  • Layer it – No-dig gardens generally consist of around eight layers. You will need to give each layer a thorough watering (so plan it on a day when water restrictions allow you.
  • Layer One – 10cm of wood chips with a sprinkling of blood and bone.
  • Layer Two – 10cm of green weeds and/or grass clippings (no seeds or runners) and a sprinkling of lime.
  • Layer Three – 10cm of deciduous leaves and/or straw followed by blood and bone.
  • Layer Four – 5cm of sheep, cow or rabbit manure, (if you use rabbit manure and you have a large amount of sawdust mixed in I suggest mixing some poultry manure in as well as this will offset the nitrogen lose caused by the sawdust). Sprinkle some more lime over this.
  • Layer Five – 10cm of lucerne followed by blood and bone.
  • Layer Six – 5cm of more manure followed by a sprinkling of lime.
  • Layer Seven – 10cm of more lucerne and blood and bone.
  • Layer Eight – is 5cm of compost.


Finally place your wood chip mulch or sawdust along your planned paths and around the perimeter. Your No-dig patch will now be 60cm above the ground, it will however settle down to half this size over the next two weeks as the layers begin to decompose. Wait until this has happened and begin to plant, your future vegetables & herbs will thank you for the nicely decomposed plant food they will begin to eat. If you do wish to plant immediately however, simply have little pockets of potting mix, sprinkled with a little blood and bone, and rock minerals, followed by the plant and water. Top up your garden bed occasionally with a fresh layer of compost, lucerne, and manure.

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